New methods
Using new progressive methods in a building industry forced executive management to cooperate with companies entrenched in world’s building components industry.
Since 1993 cooperation is getting better in roofing and isolation foil processing: Sika – Trocal. Troisdorf AG in Germany and during last period also in Slovakia represented by Sika Slovensko company.

Building company MGM, Ltd. Považská Bystrica was established in the year 1992 with 100% share of Slovak subject.
The main philosophy of our company from the early beginnings was to built complexly, in a high quality, according to the present world trends, to meet all our customers´ requirements in requested terms and for reasonable price. From the beginning of its existence the company has focused attention on professional skills of its workers and engineers and equipped the staff with required machines and proffesional equipment.
During its existence,we have increased the quality of labour and personal responsibility of our workers. By acquiring of new technologies, our company rangs to important building companies in its field. The main attention is focused on preparation, construction, reconstruction and servicing of civil, housing, industrial and engineering buildings, in which the company holds the internetional certificate ISO 9001/2000.
With the developing of company, the amount of realized work has expanded. The time confirmed, that aim-conscious work in this field brought good results, which became the base for gaining new clients.
The staff of MGM, Ltd. Považská Bystrica has finished a lot of buildings, reconstructions and repairs from simple to very diffcult ones, complicated buildings in the field of industrial projects, constructions of civil buildings, recreational objects, pumping stations, family houses, historical buildings, warehouses, steel constructions, repairs. This is documented by reference buildings.